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What Laura believes about birth, babies, and families             

Laura believes birth is a normal and natural part of our feminine journey. Birth also greatly impacts the father of the baby, who needs support as well. Laura is  always awed to witness women reaching deep into their innermost resources — resources they didn’t know or believe they had —  finding strength and inner wisdom for the life-changing journey of giving birth to their child. Read what some of Laura’s doula and encapsulation clients have to say about her presence: Testimonials

Laura believes the healthy, happy, supported family is the most basic cell of a healthy, flourishing society. “Through my work as a holistic service provider for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, I desire, support the development of a healthy Culture of Life — a culture where families are supported through every step of their journey, beginning at conception, and through pregnancy, birth, and beyond!”

A little about Laura

“I began to attend births as a doula in 2005, enjoying helping others as a I learned through my lived experience of welcoming my own five babies.  Now a mother of six, I have doula’d while pregnant, postpartum, and with a busy family life. It remains something that is as important to me as when I first began: to help women and their families feel supported and encouraged to birth their way, and to treasure the memories of their thoughtfully prepared birth, for the rest of their lives.

My desire to become a doula began even before the birth of my first! My experience of challenging-yet-empowering induced labor with my first birth, supported by a doula and my husband, cemented that desire. I saw and experienced firsthand how a doula’s support not only benefited me, but my husband as well. As a doula, I fill what I noticed it a gap between the medical care providers, and the family.”

Experience, Knowledge, Certification and Ongoing Education

Laura is going into her twelfth year of attending births as a doula. Comfortable in supporting the wide variety of birthing options and experienced in natural birth, Laura understands that all women are individuals. She supports their unique choices for birth, including:  choosing epidural or other medical pain relief, as well as women who request doula support for a planned C-section.  Laura has personal birthing experience with both hospital and homebirth.  “My role as a doula is to help you gather information so you can make thoughtful choices as you welcome your baby. The memories of your birth will last a lifetime. It is my goal to make birth supported, encouraged, and memorable.”

certifiedlogoCertification: Catholic Doula program, June 2015.

Additional Trainings/Certificates: Blood Born Pathogen Training, specific to Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators (2015, designed to address OSHA Standards).

Rebozo Certified, (September, 2015)  – Gena Kirby.

Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death: Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss (birth bereavement training) (15 hours CEU), January 2016 – Amy Wright Glenn

Member of: Doulas of the Red River Valley, (2014-present). a local group of doulas who offer support through the non-profit educational support group, The Birth Circle, which meets every 4th Tuesday at Ecce Yoga in downtown Fargo.

Join our FB page “The Birth Circle – Fargo” or visit our website, Doulas of the Red River Valley, to learn more.


Life outside of doula work?

“What do I do when I’m not assisting families as a doula? I have many interests, and many of them surround trying to build a healthy mind, body, and soul. I love my faith and my family,  gardening, fermenting foods and cooking, natural health, and enjoy my backyard chickens, my cats, and my angora bunny, Agnes. I enjoy writing, reading, and sipping strong coffee with my awesome husband of nearly 15 years, and playing board games and giving totally awesome tire swing rides to my six home-schooled kids.  I am Catholic, and my faith in Jesus Christ is of central importance to me. No matter what your particular beliefs, please know that I will respect them, and appreciate learning from your own experiences of life!”

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