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Placenta Power

Placenta Power (1)


What is Placenta Encapsulation all about? Isn’t the placenta just a piece of medical waste, a bi-product of birth?

Traditional wisdom would inform us otherwise.

Though it remains a personal decision whether or not to ingest one’s placenta, there is a body of anecdotal and some research evidence that suggests great benefits to this long-standing practice or using the placenta in postpartum remedies.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider putting your placenta into capsules after your birth:

1. Increased energy/improved mood

Moms who ingest their placentas commonly report feeling happier, less apt to have wildly fluctuating moods, and better able to deal with the demands of motherhood+.

2. Less postpartum bleeding, aiding a faster recovery

Postpartum bleeding is reported to decrease+. That means more blood (and the nutrients, especially iron) staying in your body. That, in turn, aligns with number 1 – you feel more energized and happier.

3. Helpful to milk production/increase milk production

After your milk comes in, you can begin taking your capsules. They are believed to contain hormones that are beneficial to milk production. Mothers who have their placentas encapsulated typically report increased milk production+.

4. Improved iron levels

Iron is one nutrient we know is retained in the encapsulation process (among others). If your blood loss was slight or significant at the time of birth, the capsules can help. Mothers whose iron has decreased during pregnancy, which is not uncommon, have reported that their iron levels have increased steadily (again, see #1 – iron is very important!)

5. Good stewardship

The placenta is an amazing organ, a hand-crafted life support system for your baby, that can continue to nourish YOU, mama, after your little one arrives. Rather than discard it as waste, you can choose to encapsulate it, or there are other options to honor what your body created, such as planting the placenta under a tree or bush to commemorate you and your baby’s efforts and new life!


Is encapsulation right for you? Are you interested in the benefits above? I’d be happy to talk with you about the range of options available to you, all of which I can assist you with as your doula or placenta specialist.




+reported benefits of my past clients, and anecdotal reports from a survey of postpartum mothers. The research into encapsulation is ongoing, please talk with me about papers and studies you may be interested in reading as you make your informed decision. This post, and my services, are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness and condition. The benefits experienced are individual, and not guaranteed.