Testimonials from Past Clients

“The kind words of past clients’ testimonials mean so much. Thank you for such affirming words, and I hope they will be a guide to others! I am happy to have been of service to you and your family!”

Doula Support 

“A doula is like a husband who knows what he’s doing!”  Our doula, Laura, is a god-send!  We have been blessed to have her assistance at the births of all three of our children.  My desire to have the most natural, non-invasive labor and delivery would not have been possible without her.  Literally breathing with me to guide me through each contraction, over and over again, hundreds of times, she never tired and always kept the mood realistically positive.  Having her assistance took the pressure off of my husband and I with respect to remembering every detail from Lamaze class.  She had innumerable suggestions for positioning and other comfort measures, including the ones we learned in class.  She remained genuinely excited throughout the all-night labors and gently reminded me of the fruits of my labor soon to come – a beautiful baby.  In addition, she provided us with pre-labor support, prayers, and preparation that was realistic, helpful, and knowledgeable.  She helped us draw up a Birth Plan, with a variety of options previously unknown to us, to be used in the hospital to guide the nurses.  Having Laura as your doula is the best gift you can give your baby and yourself on this special day! — doula client and 3rd time mom, D. F.

To my husband and I, having a doula as a part of our birth team means having the support of a caring, birth-knowledgable woman who will support us in navigating the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of bringing our baby into the world. Laura went above and beyond our expectations of a doula. Thanks, in part, to her care we have beautiful, empowering, grace-filled memories of the day our son was born. (doula clients C and A, 4th time parents)

Laura was a wonderful presence at the birth of our third child. From the time we called her she was a calm and steady presence at a time when there are often many questions about what is happening and what is to come. We were both very satisfied with the support Laura provided both prior to birth and the day of our birth and would recommend her to any expecting couples. (doula clients L and W, 3rd time parents)

We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for all you’ve done to help us bring our child to the other side of the womb! You have truly been a gift to us, helping us feel more comfortable with the labor process, supporting us during difficult decisions, praying for us,…We have valued your wisdom about childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeding, etc, and know without a doubt you are called to be a doula. We are certain you will impact many families through your vocation! — doula clients Karen and Perry B., first-time parents

I wasn’t sure if I wanted a doula — but I am so glad I had you. You were quiet and  there if I needed you. It was great having someone take over for my husband when he was so sleepy. We were amazed and grateful for your continuous support for such a long birthing process. My favorite thing about you is that you were open to help with anything. You were content in any role, be it applying counter-pressure on my back or making sure I got liquids. Thank you for being there for us. — doula clients W and T, first-time parents

Placenta Encapsulation

General responses from 2015-2017 encapsulation client surveys:

-I took the recommended dosage for the first few weeks and froze the extras. Now that my baby is teething (up multiple times in the middle of the night) and I am working full time again, there are days I am exhausted. I’m glad I saved extra pills for times like this because the minute I take one, I call them my “magical pills,” I have all the energy in the world! C, 1st time mom

-Communication from start to finish was very good. My due date was approaching and Laura reached out to me, instead of the other way around. She was informative and answered my questions. I was pleased with my result and the turn around we had. T, 1st time mom

Everything was great. You delivered the capsules quickly and the packaging was very good.  — I like that the container will keep the capsules safe and fresh for a long time.
I thought everything was great. —  Thanks for even dropping off the cooler at my house!
You did great! My milk supply has been high so I stopped taking them.

I am thankful you offer this wonderful service for those of us who believe we might benefit from it! It takes the stress away from thinking about doing it yourself after just having a baby! – H, first-time mom

I highly recommend Laura for placenta encapsulation. She was very easy and pleasant to work with, and the placenta pills greatly reduced my night sweats as compared to my previous birth recovery. I plan to use her services again! – J, 4th time mom

 I did feel that if I missed a day I felt much more emotional and hormonal. A, second-time mom.
I had a great experience! – A, second-time mom

Laura did my placental encapsulation with my last birth. It was the first time I had ever done so even though it was my fifth birth. I wish I had known about this with my first baby! I had more energy, felt happier, and my iron levels were fantastic! There was a marked difference between taking placental pills and not taking them. I highly recommend placental encapsulation with Laura! — encapsulation client Brittany S., fifth-time mom

Birth Story Coaching

Working on my birth story with you was both a fun and healing process. The writing process was simple and easy- I liked that all I had to do was sit back, tell my story, and answer any questions if clarification was needed.
I liked reading through the draft at our last session, and how you encouraged me to change any wording that didn’t “sound like me.”
I LOVED that you wrote another version of my story geared towards my 5-year-old. I’m so happy to have both versions.
For me, talking about my experience can be difficult, so I appreciated how you assured me that everything we discussed would be kept confidential.
An unexpected result of working on my birth story was feeling a weight lift from my shoulders. I must have been carrying the weight of some emotions from my first son’s birth. Writing this story helped me process those emotions. It was very healing. I think sometimes we don’t realize the weight of some emotions until they are lifted. And I definitely experienced that in this process.
Thanks, Laura! – Andrea, mom of four

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